Discover the Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness promotes your ability to master the many challenges of life more confidently. It is a very helpful way to cope with problems relating to professional and private stress. The training helps to prevent stress as well as burnout. It also promotes calmness and composure, improves self-control skills and enables people working under pressure to take charge of their own relief. In the workplace, the ability to accept someone else’s point of view can open up new areas of problem solving and innovation. This can help to build teamwork and support creativity and communication.

We offer mindfulness training in German and English as follows

  • MBSR courses (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) – these are particularly suitable for learning mindfulness.
  • mindfulness days
  • annual courses
  • tailor-made in-house training courses for employees and managers in companies
  • individual Mindfulness – Coaching